Tactical Data Link Communications Procurement

Istrel uses an unrivalled blend of technical knowledge mixed with current operational experience to recommend optimum procurement solutions. We advise on all phases of the procurement process from inception to in-service to help ensure interoperability with co-operating systems, compliance with regulations and ease of use.

Requirements Capture

We are adept at eliciting clear requirements from concept documentation and user working groups. Our operational experience ensures that our recommended solutions are unambiguous, concise and bespoke, offering the best value for money.

Test and Evaluation

Our substantial TDL T&E experience allows us to recommend the best test tools and strategy to make optimum use of time and resources whilst achieving verification against requirements.

Operational Advice

An advanced understanding of the technical transactions taking place during TDL communications together with up-to-date knowledge of operational tactics and procedures allows us to suggest best working practices to end users. We provide training to operational units and procurement teams.